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Normal Reduced
(until age 12)
until age of 6
from Friday (3 days)
1x dinner (Fri),
2x breakfast buffet (Sat, Sun),
Workshops, Open Stage, Games
26 Euro 17 Euro free
from Saturday (2 days)
2x breakfast buffet (Sat, Sun),
Workshops, Open Stage, Games
21 Euro 11 Euro free
Workshop card
Valid only for participation
of all Workshops Saturday 2-6 PM.
Please note the special Registration form!
Show card at workshop leader.
5 Euro 5 Euro free
Day ticket
(only 1 day, without overnight stay,
inclusive workshops)
13 Euro 8 Euro free

Adolescents under the age of 18 need to have a form that is signed by their legal guardian!

Here you can download the form (in german language): form for participants under 16 / form for 16 or 17 year old participants

Print the form at home, fill it out and let your parents sign it. At the convention, you can submit it at the registration.

Everybody under 16 must have a supervising adult.