Aus Landau-Jongliert
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Map of the area - Click for zoom in


As always the Pälzer Jongliertreffe will take part in Herxheim near Landau in Palatinate.
Please note: There is also a "Herxheim am Berg" near this Herxheim at Landau, but there you will find no juggling freaks... ;)

PAMINA-Schulzentrum (school campus)
Südring 11
76863 Herxheim bei Landau

Traveling by car, bicycle, unicycle, caravan, truck, hitchhiker, boat, ...

Google Maps route

  • Here you can find the direct link for routeing at Google Maps.


There are a lot of free parking lots directly at the PAMINA school campus.
For the exact location of the parking lots, see Map of Area.

Traveling with public transport

Traveling by train to Landau/Pfalz and further by bus to Herxheim/Pfalz

If you will go by train you must get out of train at Landau/Pfalz - main station,
and then continue by bus:

  • Bus timetable
  • Automatic journey planner: http://www.vrn.de
    • Start: Landau (Pfalz) / Hauptbahnhof (main station)
    • Destination: Herxheim bei Landau (Pfalz) / Schulzentrum (school campus)

Traveling back on Sunday

Because there will be no bus transfer on Sunday, we organize a shuttle service to the train station in Insheim. Please note this, if you buy tickets in preparation. Please give attention to the anouncments at the registration board.